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Hello, I am the CEO & Co-founder @Botcrypto.
I am at the genesis of Botcrypto, in 2017.

I will tell you here a story about Botcrypto, how it started and what was the ambitions.

I was 22, doing an internship in Budapest for my engineering degree. I hang out with friends talking a lot of cryptos, and the market was really bullish at this time (until the end of the year actually).
At the time, I didn’t know anythings about the trading, cryptocurrencies or even blockchain.

I opened a Kraken account and made a first deposit of 100€ to test…

“The only way go to fast, is to go well.” — Uncle Bob

“In the cloud you want to go, the twelve factors you must respect.” — Master Yoda

“Don’t make me think.” — Steve Krug

“First make it works, then make it right.” — Uncle Bob

“Software is like sex: It’s better when it’s free.” — Linus Torvalds

“You may be able to make a mess in a hurry, but you can’t do real good job in a hurry.” —Uncle Bob

“Do one thing, and do it well” — The Unix philosophy, Ken Thompson

“Don’t code for yourself, code…

December is good period to take stock. Here is 100 things about in 2020 you may be interested to know.

- We collect market data of 10k+ datasets and store them
- We can retrieve market data far in the past
- We collect data from external API (Fear & Greed Index)
- We receive event from external services (Incoming Webhooks)
- We provide a public API to manage bots at scale

I am willing to invest 30 minutes in a tool if it can save me 2s every day for few years.

As a (python) developer working on many projects simultaneously and starting new ones occasionally, I spent time to look for what could make my daily life easier. I want to share here the list of tools I’m using (and those I’m not using). If you know a tool not listed here that you find useful, please share it in comments! Sharing is caring.


My favorite vcs is not svn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It is the most advanced platform to manage IT projects. The built-in issues system and CI/CD are absolutely awesome. …

One service, one repository right ? I want to challenge this common belief with a concrete example. In my case, I was able without compromise, to deliver 10 times faster by breaking this preconceived idea.

Few words about me and my working environment first. I am a software engineer, graduated in 2018 from Télécom Physique Strasbourg and University of Strasbourg with major in networks and IoT. I am the co-funder of and I worked for two years at Orange as a lead developer for network services.

You build it, you run it !

This is the mantra I deal…

Constantin De La Roche

Software Engineer & co-founder of Botcrypto

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