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Hello, I am the CEO & Co-founder @Botcrypto.
I am at the genesis of Botcrypto, in 2017.

I will tell you here a story about Botcrypto, how it started and what was the ambitions.

I was 22, doing an internship in Budapest for my engineering degree. I hang out with friends talking a lot of cryptos, and the market was really bullish at this time (until the end of the year actually).
At the time, I didn’t know anythings about the trading, cryptocurrencies or even blockchain.

I opened a Kraken account and made a first deposit of 100€ to test. And I open my first order… I had bitcoins! I really through I could do x10 in very few weeks with my tiny investment, it was my first investment actually. I started to connect to kraken many times per day to watch my balance. I decided to start trading, and I did daily. I was dealing with the kraken interface that was really bad in my opinion. It was hard to track the positions, to make the computation to know if we are currently winning of loosing, how much, including fees… A lot of pain points. And I find out that kraken has an API! So I decided to automate my trading and I started to write code that would open the orders for me and provide a nice recap. …

December is good period to take stock. Here is 100 things about in 2020 you may be interested to know.

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- We collect market data of 10k+ datasets and store them
- We can retrieve market data far in the past
- We collect data from external API (Fear & Greed Index)
- We receive event from external services (Incoming Webhooks)
- We provide a public API to manage bots at scale

I am willing to invest 30 minutes in a tool if it can save me 2s every day for few years.

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As a (python) developer working on many projects simultaneously and starting new ones occasionally, I spent time to look for what could make my daily life easier. I want to share here the list of tools I’m using (and those I’m not using). If you know a tool not listed here that you find useful, please share it in comments! Sharing is caring.


My favorite vcs is not svn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It is the most advanced platform to manage IT projects. The built-in issues system and CI/CD are absolutely awesome. …

One service, one repository right ? I want to challenge this common belief with a concrete example. In my case, I was able without compromise, to deliver 10 times faster by breaking this preconceived idea.

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Few words about me and my working environment first. I am a software engineer, graduated in 2018 from Télécom Physique Strasbourg and University of Strasbourg with major in networks and IoT. I am the co-funder of and I worked for two years at Orange as a lead developer for network services.

You build it, you run it !

This is the mantra I deal with since I began my professional career. My favorite tools for that so far are Gitlab, Python and Docker (Swarm 😅). So what I’m going to present is based on my experiences using these tools. …


Constantin De La Roche

Software Engineer & co-founder of Botcrypto

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