Botcrypto, the attempt to provide a great trading service for everyone

Constantin De La Roche
2 min readOct 23, 2020
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Hello, I am the CEO & Co-founder @Botcrypto.
I am at the genesis of Botcrypto, in 2017.

I will tell you here a story about Botcrypto, how it started and what was the ambitions.

I was 22, doing an internship in Budapest for my engineering degree. I hang out with friends talking a lot of cryptos, and the market was really bullish at this time (until the end of the year actually).
At the time, I didn’t know anythings about the trading, cryptocurrencies or even blockchain.

I opened a Kraken account and made a first deposit of 100€ to test. And I open my first order… I had bitcoins! I really through I could do x10 in very few weeks with my tiny investment, it was my first investment actually. I started to connect to kraken many times per day to watch my balance. I decided to start trading, and I did daily. I was dealing with the kraken interface that was really bad in my opinion. It was hard to track the positions, to make the computation to know if we are currently winning of loosing, how much, including fees… A lot of pain points. And I find out that kraken has an API! So I decided to automate my trading and I started to write code that would open the orders for me and provide a nice recap.

How to decide when my program should buy and sell? I started to spent a lot of time on youtube videos. I was quickly hooked by Ichimoku analysis.
So the version 0 of the program collected market data, computed Ichimoku indicators and was able to backtest. After backtesting for a short while, I got an idea. It would be much more profitable for me, regarding my assets, to sell a trading service rather than trading my 100€! It was at this moment that Botcrypto started. I would build a simple and efficient automated trading service!

At the time, I didn’t find any services like todays… I found many scams, very well made with a lot of fake testimonials. Great services were very too expensive. So Botcrypto will be the first trading service, accessible for everyone! I was really excited I started coding an MVP still aside of my internship.

I came back to France with the intention to create a stratup and I had still a year to do in my engineering school. I went to the Startup Weekend @ Strasbourg where I met Théo Poizat who is the other Co-founder of Botcrypto.

The very first pitch 🇫🇷🥨
Botcrypto rewarded @ Strasbourg Startup 2017

Story to continue…