One hundred things about Botcrypto

Constantin De La Roche
4 min readDec 19, 2020

December is good period to take stock. Here is 100 things about in 2020 you may be interested to know.

- We collect market data of 10k+ datasets and store them
- We can retrieve market data far in the past
- We collect data from external API (Fear & Greed Index)
- We receive event from external services (Incoming Webhooks)
- We provide a public API to manage bots at scale
- We do continuous integration & deployment
- We run 21 stacks, 76 services, 141 containers in our cluster
- We collect logs from every service in our cluster
- We track requests between our services with telemetry
- We monitor our cluster resources
- We do backups for any critical data
- We automated jobs to maintain our cluster under operational conditions
- We have a staging environment

- We support Kraken & Binance brokers (we could add more, on demand)…
- Our clients keys are ciphered and managed by a private service (not reachable from the Internet)
- We aggregates exchanges API
- We store balances information to retrieve the portfolio value in time
- We manage virtual portfolios
- We manage market/limit orders & orders canceling
- Open orders manually from the portfolio on Botcrypto (without bot)
- Retrieve all orders taken from Botcrypto

- We let you build your own strategy
- Wysiwyg: no coding skill is required to build a strategy
- We implemented 26 technical indicators (MA, EMA, RSI, MACD, …)
- open, high, low, close and volume available
- We manage a sentiment indicator from
- We manage incoming webhooks (useful for trading view alerts as example)
- We manage order with volume in the asset quote
- We manage 10 UT from 1m to 1d
- We manage mutli time frame in our strategies
- We manage drafts
- Easily duplicate your strategies
- The strategy can loop, stop the bot and wait for a manual order from the bot
- Finely tune the “wait” in your strategy
- Dollar Cost-Averaging is possible
- Do grid like strategies is possible
- Create AND/OR conditions
- Use labels to categories strategies
- Share and imports strategies in the store (it’s free!)
- We host more than 40 strategies in the store
- Note and comment a strategy in the store
- We display the Botcrypto note for strategies in the store
- We offer a set of labels for strategies in the store
- Strategies in the store are accessible without login and your referral link is used (example: )

- We run bots remotely (not in your browser)
- Three kind of bots: Backtests / Simulation / Real
- We integrate Trading View
- See marks on the Trading View charts where the bot buy and sell
- Stop and restart a bot a any moment
- Get bots notifications on https://botcrypto when it buy, sell, terminate a trade, stop…
- 3 levels of notification: error, warning, info
- Notifications can also be sent by webhook so you can be notified on Discord
- A bot can manage multiple positions simultaneously
- Bots are limited to trade the balance allocated but it’s gains are reinvested
- We remember your bots configurations and offer presets for convenience
- We provide simple trading rules: a trade is two orders (buy & sell)
- We provide statistics on bots results: profits, win-rate, gain vs hold…
- We provide an overall note based on the bots results: the Botcrypto note
- Track the bot’s progress in strategy while it’s running
- Open and close new trades manually in addition to the strategy executed
- Use labels to categories bots
- Do as many backtest and simulations as you need

- We do not use any google/facebook services
- We track our KPI with open source stacks like matomo and metabase
- We analyses each market trend with a linear regression
- We auto backtest strategies shared in the store to attribute the Botcrypto note

- We do not require anything more than an email
- We support Unikname & Discord login
- Enjoy a great on boarding
- Enjoy a dark mode
- We offer a referral program
- We manage 2FA
- Up vote for the next feature & be notified when its done
- You are logged out after inactivity
- Enable/Disable email notifications
- Manage outgoing & incoming webhooks
- Create a signature for your strategies in the store
- is available in English and in French
- Pay with cryptos or using paypal

- We organize free trading contests with virtual portfolios
- We manage public and private contests
- We give rewards to best traders in some contests

- We are on Discord
- We have a YouTube channel with tens of videos
- Retrieve us on many media: twitter, facebook, …
- We have blog with many resources about trading, indicators, bots and Botcrypto
- Our blog is also available in English and in French
- We offer an ebook about cryptos
- We developed
- We do and support technical analysis research
- We post insight daily on Discord: Fear & Greed, most bullish/bearish markets
- Our press-kit:

- Chat with us on Crisp (or Discord)
- There is an help desk with a complete documentation about Botcrypto
- We can connect to your account to help you when necessary

- Test everything for free until you decide to create a real bot
- Our subscription starts at 10€ (12$) per month (price of a cocktail)
- We do not charge any fees on the orders and we don’t care about the volume you trade
- We are a French company 100% compliant with the EU regulation (RGPD, …)
- We have partnership with many players in the crypto community, like Unikname, Waltio, …